Isn’t Patience a Wonderful Thing?

Assalamu Alaikum

I remember when I was coming to Madinah, all the brothers told me that I would really get tested with my patience in Madinah. After all, the Prophet صلى اللّه عليه وسلم has talked about it as well. He صلى اللّه عليه وسلم talks about bearing the hardships of Madinah with patience, “Whichever of my followers will bear patiently the hardships of Madinah, I shall plead on his behalf on the Day of Judgement.” (Muslim)

So what better time to practice that than before coming to this city in sha Allah.


5 comments on “Isn’t Patience a Wonderful Thing?

  1. abu talha says:

    brother mohammad do you live in windsor

  2. IbnMuhammad says:


    How you doin brother, mashallah Love you blog bro. Are there any new updates on the list.

  3. ahmed says:

    WERE IN JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. student says:

    Nothing new has anybody heard anything from any madinah sourses yet

  5. Hassan says:

    Salaam this is to the Brother who runs this blog please respond asap. May Allah the Most High free from all imperfections reward you with good and guide you to all that is good and show you all types of falsehood so you can stay away from it Amen!

    I have applied to Madinah University and i would like to know if you know when the semester is going to start because i am patiently waiting for my acceptance.

    Jazkallah kheir

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