Some Pics While You Wait


13 comments on “Some Pics While You Wait

  1. mohammad says:

    jazakumAllahu khairun for the pics…

    in the residence for the students, hwo is it? Are you inj a room with other students or do you have ur own own room?

  2. madeenah says:

    In the new residences, it’s two per room.

  3. Enz says:

    Are u studying at madinah international iniversity??

  4. madeenah says:

    Yes I am.

  5. Enz says:

    My bro wanted to but still deciding…
    So u must be having some free time to update your blog??

  6. Enz says:

    one question if u don’t mind.

    Where do u perform friday khutbah??

  7. ahmad says:

    how to get form…madinah islamic university?


  8. Faisal Iqbal Ahmad Khan says:

    I want to take addmission in IU. How i can apply…

  9. Rafiq Abdulqadir says:

    salaam i have apply this year can i get any advice

  10. Nadjib Nedjar says:

    Salams. I am graduating from high school this coming june. I want to know when should I apply and how. Also what are the requirements. p.s. can i have some advice.

  11. Muhithg says:

    Salaam! Jazak-Allah for the pictures and the info & the creation of this site. I’m based in UK just finished my Degree last month (May 2009) in BSC Computer Science.

    Alhamdulillah i had the chance of applying to this Uni for few years now and currently waiting for the list of acceptance for this year as i’ve applied for it from last year.
    Seeing all these pictures reminded me alot about Madinah, my journey for Umrah and the Uni. I’ve actually stayed at the Uni for some time because many students went back home as it was holidays and there were space available. I got many friends there and had bit fun and wonder-about. I just thought i’ll share my feelings, ideas and thoughts.
    Masha-Allah it was soo peaceful. It is really open, clear and beautiful scenery and i hope improves (environmentlly and spiritually). As you can see they’re building manyy buildings and many ‘greenary’ is now becoming plain land or construction sites…Well cant complain cause there is a need.

    Br, your accomodation…last year i heard (& saw) thet they were building many of the modern accomodation where you’re staying at….but Only one was open (active) to be used by students and i think it’s yours. Masha-Allah from outside it looks good and inside was OK as not everything was done up yet. Can you describe your room…size, structure etc and the facilities you get in that new accomodation. Because i stayed at an old one (well i think there’s 3 types ie very old, medium and the modern day one which is the one you’re staying at.)

    please make DUa for me
    take care

    • Siddeeq says:

      Salaams bro I will be making Umrah in september bro this will be my first time ahkiee i will be applying for the university to make please keep me in your dua

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