Visa Process for Canadians

Assalamu Alaikum

This website gives you more information on the student visa and how to obtain it.

Apparently, now you have to go through some agency to get your visa.

These people do a good job translating your documents:

The documents that you need to translate are:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Your high-school diploma
  • Your high-school transcript
  • Passport
  • Two letters of recomendation

Note: I only had my birth certificate in Arabic. It’s your own risk. It worked for me.


8 comments on “Visa Process for Canadians

  1. Student Inshallah says:

    Salaam Brother i am going to make umrah Inshallah this month and i am planning to apply again do you know anyone over there who can help me apply inshallah

  2. madeenah says:

    There is a brother over there, who I’ll talk to in sha Allah. I am still here in North America. So I won’t be there till about October in sha Allah.

  3. abdullahi says:

    brother please can you tell me the best time to apply to madinah and umm al qura what month

    plz comment

  4. ahmed says:

    after ramadan

  5. inshallah student says:

    Salaam Brother please get in contact with them because i am leaving soon

  6. fascin says:

    hayya kumullah ,brother have to ask u if there is any course for girls o or any opportunity for sistes to enrolled there in madinah university? jazzakallah

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