VISA Numbers for Canadians and Americans

The visa number is one number for all of you (Canadians):
Date: 1429/09/24

As for the Americans, the number you will be utilizing is one of the following two numbers:

Visa #: 9400505983
Visa #: 9400505984

Some acceptance letters are at the university after having been sent back from Canada Post since the addresses on it were incomplete. So have patience and make du’a.

5 comments on “VISA Numbers for Canadians and Americans

  1. abdullahi says:

    i have got a question

    i was born in Africa a place with no government and i dont have a birth certificate can some one help me but i got everything else inshallah
    iam planning to go there personally

    plz comment any one

  2. Ashkan Esfandiari says:

    Salamu alaikum brothers,

    Can anyone PLEASE give me some information how a brother studying at the university can bring his wife and kids to Madinah? Especially if his wife and kids are dependant upon him and there is non to take care of them in their home country if he departs?

    Really…any help would be appreciated, Umrah visa way, iqaamah way, knowing someone way, etc etc

    Urgent..may Allah reward yous good in this life nd the next



  3. Omar says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum Akhee,

    Seeing that you are a student @ the Madinah University, I wanted to ask you if the university offers education to sisters? or its a male only school. If yes, anything in particular for converts? I know of a convert girl in Canada who is wanting to apply either for 2009/2010 or the year after that Insha’Allah.

    Jazak Allah Khayr for your advise.


  4. AbeeAhmed says:


    Any word on the 2009/2010 acceptance list akhi kharim.

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