New Student Portal for Current Students

The university has set up a new student portal for current students.

It has your schedule, transcript and all that like the older student portal. However, it’s got some extras as well, such as total mukafa’ah received to date. Pretty cool. Check it out. Link below.

Student Portal

The username is your student number and the password is your iqamah number.



2 comments on “New Student Portal for Current Students

  1. Bint Salafiyyah says:

    Assalam mualaykum, how does one go about applying and what is the criteria, is there an age limit, must one be married, can anyone from any country appy and do we have to pay the university fees or are these scholarships free, thanks you I am very desperate to study deen of islam, thank you thank you

    • madeenah says:

      Wa alaikumussalam.
      Everything can now be done online. All the requirements are on the page itself ( The general age cutoff is about 25 years, but there’s no harm in still trying. One’s marital status doesn’t make a difference. Anyone that gets accepted is accepted on a scholarship.

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