New Services Being Provided Through the Acceptance Website

Assalamu Alaikum
The university has made some things a lot easier than before. Now, you can print the acceptance letter, as well as the entry visa and some other cool stuff right through the accepted students website.


4 comments on “New Services Being Provided Through the Acceptance Website

  1. Oz Dawah says:

    wa alaikom asalam wa rahmatAllahi wa barakatuh!

    Akhi I was accepted into the university alhamdullilah, I’m currently at the last step of the process, where I just have to collect my Visa and Ticket.

    The Saudi Embassy in my country has told me that in order to get my Visa, I need to give them the Visa Number, so I’m just waiting for the number to be available on the universities webpage (the same page you have shown above). Do you think I’m doing the right thing? as I know classes start in a few weeks for the new students.

    JazaakAllahu khairan

    • madeenah says:

      Yes. You will probably end up missing the beginning of the semester, but don’t you worry in sha Allah. Just be patient and try to have everything ready for when your visa number comes out. Make sure that you have everything else ready, so that you don’t have to wait after the number’s been sent out.

  2. Majid Ali says:

    Asalam u alaikum wa rahmatullah. Brother, I am from Pakistan. When I put my application number for inquery on uni’s web, it says: Congratulations! You are granted admission in Islamic Uni. Now I am a little confused about that. Is this the final decision? Or I should wait for acceptance list be published? Plz guid me that may I start the next step i.e go for madical checkup, attestation and so on or I should wait for acceptance list? Wasalam u alaikum.

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