More Students?

As you may have noticed, some countries are not included in the current list that was released. An example would be Jamaica. On the university’s page, there is an announcement that says that the rest of the names will be released soon (pic attached below). The question is whether it’s just names of people from those omitted countries, or more names for all countries.


Imam Saud University List of Accepted Students 2012-2013/1433-1434

The following is the list of accepted students to the Imam Muhammad bin Sa’ud Islamic University in Riyadh for the academic year of 2012/2013:


1. Aadil Shah Ahmad
2. Khalil Mohammed Silim Nahdy
3. Adnan Zaman
4. Ibrahim Jaber Dawood
5. Adil Farhan Riaz


1. Zachary Allen Fetterman
2. Devaughn Marcell Kenney-Edge
3. Abdul-Kadir Mohammed Hersi
4. Amir Ali Yunas (Second Semester)


1. Zakhir Hussain
2. Muslim Bin Alee Stevenson
3. Hamm-Pascoe
4. Hamza Abu-Bakar Qulatein
5. Shaun (Yahya) James Donoghue
6. Asim Razzaq
7. Yonis Abdillahi
8. Mohamed Jama Mohamed
9. Zakaria Adam Absiye
10. Muhamed Abdul-Goffar Bahar
11. Kher Mohammed Rahmany


Nihad Karabegovic