More Students?

As you may have noticed, some countries are not included in the current list that was released. An example would be Jamaica. On the university’s page, there is an announcement that says that the rest of the names will be released soon (pic attached below). The question is whether it’s just names of people from those omitted countries, or more names for all countries.


VISA Numbers for Canadians and Americans

The visa number is one number for all of you (Canadians):
Date: 1429/09/24

As for the Americans, the number you will be utilizing is one of the following two numbers:

Visa #: 9400505983
Visa #: 9400505984

Some acceptance letters are at the university after having been sent back from Canada Post since the addresses on it were incomplete. So have patience and make du’a.

Acceptance Letter

Alhamdulillah, one of the brothers received his acceptance letter in the mail. So don’t despair. In sha Allah you will get it soon if you haven’t already gotten it.

The same brother said: In case you’re asked by any brother who hasn’t gotten the letter of no objection yet, they can get it by calling the canadian embassy in riyadh and contacting someone in the consular services section at 01196614882288.  All they would have to do is e-mail a copy of their passport to them after explaining what the letter needs to say and the embassy will send them the letter through the mail. I did this the day before yesterday and was told that the letter had already been sent yesterday.

I also got the same letter 2 years ago. In my case however, it got to me after I was in Madinah already. It explicitly says the Islamic University of Madinah, unlike the letter from the consulate in Jeddah which is very broad in its meaning. I’ve attached the letter I got from the embassy in Riyadh.

May Allah make the procedure easy for you and get you into the blessed city of Madinah soon.

What You Need to Get the Visa

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The sponsor in Saudi Arabia must apply for a visa authorization through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once the request is granted, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send the authorization directly to the Consular Section. The sponsor must provide the applicant with the authorization date, the number and copy of the visa slip.

Please submit:

1. Visa application form (Typed out or hand written in block letters).
2. A valid passport for 1 year at least from the application date including the place of birth (Original & one copy).
3. Three (3) recent passport size (4 cm x 6 cm) photographs stapled on the application formand the medical form.
4. Letter of Sponsorship from the Saudi sponsor (university) certified by the university & indicating the authorization number & the date.
5. Degree/ Diploma , transcripts all certified by The Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada Tel: (613) 995-0119 (two authenticated copies from The Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada)
6. Medical report and attach all test results & have the report certified by the college of physicians of the issuing province (Original Only). You MUST confirm with your doctor that you have all required test results INCLUDING (HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C).
7. Police clearance report. (Original Only)
8. Non-Canadian applicants must submit a valid residency permit (permanent resident card). (Send only copy of front and back of the PR card)
9. A photocopy confirmed airlines reservations must be submitted along with the application.
10. A statement or proof of religion.

Visa Process for Canadians

Assalamu Alaikum

This website gives you more information on the student visa and how to obtain it.

Apparently, now you have to go through some agency to get your visa.

These people do a good job translating your documents:

The documents that you need to translate are:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Your high-school diploma
  • Your high-school transcript
  • Passport
  • Two letters of recomendation

Note: I only had my birth certificate in Arabic. It’s your own risk. It worked for me.

Madinah University List of Accepted Students 2008-2009/1429-1430


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The following is list of accepted students to the Islamic University of Madeenah for the 2008/2009 (1429/1430) academic year. I’ve only posted the names for some of the Western English speaking countries and not all. So I apologize to those who don’t find the list for their countries.

If you happen to be on this list, then firstly congratulations on your acceptance, and may Allah grant you success in your studies and make it a means to achieving His pleasure. Secondly, please contact the Saudi embassy in your country ASAP to start the process of obtaining your visa, and note that the academic year begins on October 11, 2008.


1. Hani Burhan
2. Granite Benako
3. ‘Abdur-Rahman Ibrahim
4. Ahrar Muhammad Sharif
5. Faisal ‘Abdul-Karim Harun At-Ta’ee
6. Derian Schedlisky
7. Ihsan Ansari
8. Hudhaifa Qais Hikmat
9. Muhyiddin Abu Shaikh
10. Surr Al-Khatam ‘Abdud-Dayim Tawfiq

United States:

1. Muhammad Khan
2. Yunus Habib Fairuz
3. Jostin Richard Parrot
4. Sa’id Asghar Mahbub Ilahi
5. Tariq Zahir Sabri
6. Jamal Nantamno Kumara Bomani
7. Diego Guda Luba
8. Meeka’il ‘Ali Muhsin
9. Hasib Nur
10. Richard Timothy McCantary
11. Muhammad Al-Makutal
12. Glen Allan Stevens
13. Muhammad Al-Kalbi
14. Kuri Philippine
15. Hayan Muthanna Qasim Muthanna
16. Suhail Mahir ‘Aziz
17. Muhammad Hussain


1. ‘Ali Mir
2. Ghulam Muhammad Faisal Hasan Chowdhury
3. Daniel Wilson
4. Syed Salah-ud-Din Ahmad
5. Ruh Al-Amin
6. ‘Adil Khan
7. Luchiano Kaluch
8. Jason Michelle
9. ‘Umar ‘Ilmi
10. Thomas Dunkan Wilfred Marlee


1. Tariq Duh Sadnah
2. ‘Afif Durbas
3. ‘Ashqan Esfandiari
4. Muhammad ‘Arifin
5. Mustafa Qadir

New Zealand:

1. Fawzan Asad ‘Ali
2. ‘Abdullah Ibrahim
3. ‘Abdur-Rahman ‘Abduh


1) عبد الرحمن كلمنج
2) اليسندرو فريناتو
3) أمير محمد

1) حسين محمد

1) فيكتور مارسلو مدينا ليانكي

1) عمر فاروق أحمد أمامه
2) أندريه بيرنارد وبينتو
3) ساولو سيلفا فارياس

1) عبد الله بسام علي محمد
2) يونس بايل بيترسن
3) كمال أبو بكر أحمد
4) حمزة أبو بكر

1) محمد فيضان خان

1) أحمد عبد الله غيليه
2) عبد الناصر مرسل
3) سيلفولا نيكوتاباني
4) عبده محمد حسن

1) سعيد علي
2) محمد طنجكورا
3) ريمي جون فيليب دوفرانوا
4) لمخنتر علي
5) فيليب دو وليفرا

1) مصطفى البزرة
2) خالد عبد الرزاق عروم
3) كيرت ماتياس ريمار
4) سياوش خاكبار
5) ميشيل هازيري

1) أمراح محمد كرطالي
2) يوسف حسين نظام

1) إدريس باخوس
2) رحيم أحمد عبد الناصر
3) عبدول مناف رحيم
4) ما ها تاما ويلسون
5) ممتاز كريم جيبال علي

1) سمير موسفاتن
2) سعيد ابركان
3) يوسف جيجك
4) عبدالرزاق محمد عمر درازي
5) اريك هيسل ليستر هايش
6) هاكي دفلنول
7) سعيد جرار
8) محمد محمود اغاس

1) رامائيل ما سترى
2) أرينا فيليبو

1) روي برادفورد رولاند بننانت

1) علي شام
2) عبد المتين عبد المجيد
3) محمد عادل
4) عثمان إدريس
5) علي زيد
6) إبراهيم شميم
7) سعد الله عبد الغني
8) مجتبى حميد
9) أحمد رفشان
10) ادم ذبيح

1) اليخاندرو رودريغو فارغاس أغيلار

new guinea:
1) سامسون مامين

1) محي الدين محمد
2) عبد الرزاق محمد عبده عبد الله
3) فرح مختار عبدي
4) عبد الفتاح حرسي

1) عمر سليك طهران

1) جوليان ميليهرو

south africa:
1) طاهر تكلي
2) دانيل توماس هاني غرين
3) عماد لاخردين
4) صفوان علي
5) عبد المجيد دي ماين
6) ريكاردو ارتور سيرانو فيريرا
7) فريد تايتوس
8) إندماس موسونكاسي برنسلو

south korea:
1) كيم هانول

1) طارق دوه سدنه

1) عبد السلام جبريل علي
2) سيمون لندستورم
3) يوسف محمد قروق
4) عمران شيخ
5) محمد لوشاي
6) إسيني رمضان
7) فؤاد نذير
8) لابينوت ياسيكي

1) آجان بيجوفيتش
2) إبراهيم دراهي
3) كارلو فيليب
4) ستيفان هوفر
5) لارس فيبر

1) صالح عبد الرحمن فضيل محمد
2) برنت محمد
3) طارق شامون شكير محمد

1) موليما دنكان
2) عمر إدريس

1) علي موتوندو
2)أليك أموني

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